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Ocean Revolution

What is OR?



The Ocean is the most critical component of the planet’s support systems: responsible for maintaining earth’s chemistry, resilience and magnificence.


Ocean Revolution was formed 10 years ago to change the way humans engage with the sea: to find, mentor, and network new voices and revive and amplify ancient ones to protect and honor our oceans.


We demand that scientists, activists, politicians, governments, consumers, educators, students and keepers of traditional knowledge collect, share, and collaboratively act like they love the ocean.


We look to the past with respect and recognition of ancient values, knowledge and expertise.  We push forward to enhance these systems with the tools and energy of youth, science, interconnectivity, and network building.


We work with Indigenous Communities to support projects, provide funding skills, facilitate knowledge-transfer, and create international networks capable of influencing local, regional and global action; bringing recognition to these communities, assuring justice, and providing a framework for responsible economic development.


Ocean Revolution has:

  • Worked with over 35 Indigenous cultures to gain recognition and support for their timeless, tireless, and successful environmental and cultural leadership in caring for country
  • Accomplished “both ways” collaborations between Traditional Owners and western scientists, educators, politicians, NGOs and students
  • Worked to establish, fund, and maintain Indigenous marine protected areas in Australia, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Mexico and Mozambique and the United States
  • Conducted international Indigenous community exchanges; building cultural, technical, governance and nation-building toolkits
  • Established and funded scholarship programs supporting University and preparatory students, language and technical training and post-educational employment assistance for Indigenous youth
  • Held women’s projects on reproductive health, abuse, and opportunity including workshops and film projects
  • Facilitated revival, transfer, and dissemination of Traditional Knowledge within and between local, regional, and international communities
  • Funded traditional art, song, dance, and language revitalization, documentation, contemporary use and performance
  • Showcased Indigenous science and culture in Museums, Universities, film, video, written and spoken word around the globe
  • Engaged in long-term relationships with Indigenous communities to build and fund infrastructure, skills and market for responsible economies in environmental services, production of traditional crafts, scientific research, shellfish aquaculture, small-scale fisheries, and tourism


Ocean Revolution derives its legal structure through a fiscal sponsorship. The Ocean Foundation provides its sponsored projects with the legal infrastructure of a 501(c)(3), entity, with appropriate legal incorporation, IRS exemption, and charitable registration. We also provide financial services including oversight of all revenues and expenditures, monthly financial reports, budgetary tracking, payment of all invoices, audit and governmental reporting, all tax returns, and training in budget preparation and financial management. In addition, we provide our fiscal sponsorship projects with an array of other administrative services, from liability insurance to grant management if needed. The Ocean Foundation’s services allow Bitonga Divers to concentrate on effectively developing and implementing its programs and goals. These custodial services are charged at 10% of the Grant Award.



wild and healthy oceans

ranger networks and exchanges 

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Turtle Cultures



the marine world heritage site

tofo as a potential world heritage site copy 2 

Ocean Revolution is working to move the World Heritage Conventions Proposal for the creation of a Marine World Heritage Site in the Mozambican Channel through Mozambican government channels to the next stage in the process




Bitonga Divers Mozambique

In 2006 Carlos Macuacua and Anabela Muchunga created a organization for Mozambican Prosessional Scuba divers; even though they were the only ones! read about their incredible jouney as Ocean Ambassadors here on the Bitonga Diver's website



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