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Patagonia supports Ocean Revolution's Native Oceans program.....and, how's this for quality of life in the workplace? The boss donates 30% of his annual salary to activist environmental groups. The corporate code promises to post bail for employees arrested for non-violent civil disobedience in support of environmental causes. The catalogue was the first to be printed on recycled paper and the fleece jackets are made out of recycled plastic bottles. The company funds environmental groups from sales: the Conservation alliance, founded in 1989  encourages companies in the outdoor industry to support environmental organizations,  The Environmental Grant Program, run both at a corporate level and by individual retail stores, gives at a grassroots level to innovative groups overlooked by other corporate donors,  1% for the Planet conceived of by Patagonia founder Yvon Choinard in 1986 has  285 corporate members self-imposing a 1% of annual sales "earth tax" to fund environmental groups
Patagonia’s 2006–07 environmental campaign, Oceans as Wilderness, investigates the connection between the vitality of human life and the marine environment.   Most of all, Patagonia, its founder, its employees, its corporate and retail policies, its innovations and its spirit inspires us all to look carefully at each decision we make.  Are we doing as little harm as we can? Will our actions help preserve the wilderness we love? Patagonia uses business to inspire solutions to our environmental crisis. Visit the Patagonia website
Duke University Marine Laboratory
Duke Marine Lab students, staff, Director Larry Crowder, Global Fellow Director Debbie Pease and honcho Amy Long have provided support and encouragement for Ocean Revolutionaries looking to pursue the amazing opportunities Duke provides in the world of ocean conservation and marine biology. Check out the Duke website for programs for undergraduates, graduate students, reseachers, teachers and for members of the global community already working in conservation in their communities.
Animal Alliance

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Animal Alliance works in New Mexico, Africa and Mexico to help all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to elephants to sea turtles. Hugh and Cynthia of AA work with young people on Indian Pueblos in New Mexico as well as kids in Mexico to share a vision of a future with less animal suffering. A generous grant from Animal Alliance helped Ocean Revolution develop this website. Look for more info about Animal Alliance

Ocean Discovery Institute

Based in San Diego, California, Ocean Discovery Institute provides educational programs that connect underserved youth to science,that inspire environmental action and provide increase exposure to marine habitats. check out the Ocean Discovery Institute website.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood WATCH

The health of the oceans and the health of our bodies all comes together with seafood. The Seafood WATCH program of Monterey Bay Aquarium brings all the complicated information about what we eat from the sea and how it's caught together in one place.
Even cooler, there's a guide you can print for your area that you can take to restaurants or give to friends to pass the word. Check out the MBA Website

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ranger networks and exchanges 

Ocean Revolution/NAILSMA Exchanges (click for more)

Ocean Revolution in Papua New Guinea (click for more)

Ocean Revolution/KLC  Ranger Forum (click for more)

Ocean Revolution Native Oceans (click for more)

Turtle Cultures



the marine world heritage site

tofo as a potential world heritage site copy 2 

Ocean Revolution is working to move the World Heritage Conventions Proposal for the creation of a Marine World Heritage Site in the Mozambican Channel through Mozambican government channels to the next stage in the process




Bitonga Divers Mozambique

In 2006 Carlos Macuacua and Anabela Muchunga created a organization for Mozambican Prosessional Scuba divers; even though they were the only ones! read about their incredible jouney as Ocean Ambassadors here on the Bitonga Diver's website



5-star resorts in WIO marine parks