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SOLVE: solve v. 1. to find a way of dealing successfully with a problem or difficulty 2. to find the answer to a question or puzzle solve 3. to work out the solution to an equation or other mathematical problem.

The ocean crisis can be summarized this way: we’ve put too much in, we‘ve taken too much out and we’ve destroyed the coast. We need bold new solutions. We need answers and we need actions. Are you part of the solution?

LESS IN: we must put far less junk into our seas, plastic runoff even sound pollutes. You’ve heard it before, we’ll say it again: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! (graphic)

Capitola, California bans styrofoam!

Annapolis Maryland moves to ban plastic grocery bags!

Hawaii: Message in the Waves focuses on the destruction Plastic does to our oceans


FEATURED group: Bring Your Own - It’s simple, Bring Your Own. And it’s cool. One less bag, one less cup, one less lid. It's time to kick some serious plASStic. Bring your own! Bring your own! Bring your own! Any questions? (logo/graphic)

  1. Less OUT: we take far more out of the ocean than it can generate, let’s eat smart!

FEATURED group: Seafood Watch will help you make smart choices for a healthier ocean. Print the guide and take it to dinner or the store…believe us, you’ll shake things up AND learn a lot. Your choice matters. Make it good for the ocean.

  1. Protect the EDGE: most of the life in the ocean is near the coast. Yet, we’ve made a mess of that dynamic edge. Fortunately there’s a solution!

FEATURED group: ProPeninsula works to protect the coastal lands and waters of the Baja California peninsula. Seriously, this is one amazing place. Jacques Cousteau called it’s ocean the world’s aquarium. Check them out and find out what you can do.


wild and healthy oceans

ranger networks and exchanges 

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Turtle Cultures



the marine world heritage site

tofo as a potential world heritage site copy 2 

Ocean Revolution is working to move the World Heritage Conventions Proposal for the creation of a Marine World Heritage Site in the Mozambican Channel through Mozambican government channels to the next stage in the process




Bitonga Divers Mozambique

In 2006 Carlos Macuacua and Anabela Muchunga created a organization for Mozambican Prosessional Scuba divers; even though they were the only ones! read about their incredible jouney as Ocean Ambassadors here on the Bitonga Diver's website



5-star resorts in WIO marine parks